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Did you (or do you) have a teacher who carried around a chipped, coffee-stained ‘World’s Best Teacher’ mug? It was probably given to them back in the 1970s, just as their haircut and mustache combo was coming into fashion.

Well, chances are you were probably never taught Geography by the World’s Best Teacher, but if you’ve been filled with the Holy Spirit, then you’re being taught by him right now.

That’s right: the Holy Spirit is at work right now, using every moment of your day as an opportunity to teach you how to live. He is a genius on living an abundant life.

He has the perfect solution to every problem you face.

He knows exactly how to turn around a nightmare scenario into a win-win.

But unlike a school teacher, He won’t demand that you pay attention. If you want to be a disciple (or ‘learner’) of Jesus, you need to show up every day for class, not just every once in a while. It means you have to listen intently, do the reading assignments and take notes. It means trusting that the Teacher knows what He’s talking about even if you don’t see how what He’s telling you right now relates to you personally.

What now?

What are the traits of a great teacher? Compare them to what you know of the Holy Spirit’s work in your life.

‘The Holy Spirit … will teach you all things’ John 14:26 NKJ

Joy Ferdiz

April 27th, 2014

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