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When Fatigue Threatens You (3)

When Fatigue Threatens You (3)

Brenda Jank identifies guilt as the driving force behind much of our weariness: ‘Every guilt-driven “Yes” means a “No” to something important.

Every day holds twenty-four hours, and as gifted as we are at multi-tasking, there are concrete limits to what we can get done in any given day…We routinely neglect the top priorities of our lives.

We’re irritable and impatient with those we love.

We forfeit our need for sleep.

We pass through many days oblivious to the presence of God.’

Can you recognize these things in yourself?

When word got out that Jesus had healed Peter’s mother-in-law, a crowd gathered and He ministered to them late into the night. Early the next morning when He slipped away to a quiet place to pray, the disciples went looking for Him. ‘When they found Him, they exclaimed: ‘‘Everyone is looking for you!’’’

But note Jesus’ response:

‘Let us go somewhere else.’ He chose to be Spirit-led, not guilt-driven.

Before assuming you’ve been called to meet every need that arises, it’s okay to say, ‘Let me pray about it and get back to you.’

Then pray, listen carefully, and make your decision based on how you answer this question:

Will saying ‘yes’ to this request mean having to say ‘no’ to something else that’s important?

It’s essential to recognize what you’ve been called to do for the season of life you’re in; it takes honesty, humility, and courage to take a consistent line.

When you face a situation you know will put you on overload, even if you’re willing to pay the price, are you willing to commit your family to pay the price with you? Think about it.

‘They exclaimed: ‘‘Everyone is looking for you!’’’  Mark 1:37 NIV

Bob Gass

January 8th, 2015

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