What Changed?

What Changed?

When we are confronted with irritating situations and we begin to feel sorry for ourselves, we should ask these questions: Is the trouble really with others? Or could it be me?

A young woman lived in a home where she was very unhappy. She often complained to her friends and told them how difficult it was for her to stay there. She blamed her parents and the other members of her family for her discontent and threatened to move out as soon as she could afford to be on her own. One day, though, her face was graced with a happy smile. Gone was her usual glum expression. Her eyes were sparkling. There was a spring in her step. When a friend noticed the difference, she exclaimed, “Things must have improved at home. I’m so glad!” “No,” the young woman responded, “I’m the one who’s different!” That young woman’s outlook was brighter and her relationships with others were transformed. It wasn’t because her circumstances had improved, but because she had experienced a change in her heart. As we ask the Lord to fill us with His perfect love, it’s amazing how life begins to look better. Letting God change us is the best way to change our world. When you stop changing, you stop growing.

Mike Medlin

September 8th, 2014

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