We Become What We Say

Why is the tongue very important? Because a word uttered becomes a word made flesh – in us. We become the incarnation of what we express. (James 3:5)

If you tell a lie you become a lie. If you tell filth you become filthy, if you tell greed you become greedy. If you tell anger and hatred you become hate. On the other hand, when we express good things, positive things, loving things, scriptural things, these things get deeper into us. Clear expression deepens impression. I was given the chance to teach and nurture young minds for over 15 years. What I say regarding their performance will either make or break their dreams. Do I nurture or crush it? (Proverbs 18:21)

When your child comes up to you, meaning to surprise you with an A+ from a test in school but you’re way, too busy and caught up with your own work, what do you say to that child? Will you tell your child to leave you alone? There is power in our words and we become what we say. There’s a list of the most powerful words in the English language I want to share with you. The bitterest word – ALONE. Most revered – MOTHER. Most feared – DEATH. Coldest word – NO. Warmest word – FRIEND. Most powerful word – JESUS! He who holds his tongue is wise. Speak Jesus, speak life! (1Peter 3:10)

As you go about your day, let words of encouragement and salvation come out of your mouth, let words of life and not death ooze from your lips, and let the words of Christ live in your mouth.

Mike Medlin

February 5th, 2014

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