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“They nominated…Barsabbas…and Matthias”         Acts 1:23 NLT

The early Church: On it like an Easter bonnet. Full on. Packed faithful disciples, ready to lay down their lives for God! They were totally in tune with God, right? Right.

But yet, God is unpredictable.

His Holy Spirit ‘blows wherever it pleases’ (John 3:8). Which means even your pastor/deacon/chaplain hasn’t got Him figured out! Sometimes, we might go the way we THINK is right but God isn’t so sure. And when that happens, He’ll steer us to where we should be. Case study. The disciples aren’t sure what to do. Judas is gone; the team of apostles are a man short. A quick replacement is in order so ‘Barsabbas and Matthias’ are nominated (two leadership hotshots). To decide who’s getting the role, they use an ancient method of voting. As a result, Matthias gets chosen. Who is he? Erm. Dunno! (He isn’t mentioned again). But Barsabbas, the man who didn’t win the vote, went on to be a pioneer in teaching. Did the disciples get it wrong? Was Matthias the right man for the job? Whether they got it right or wrong, it’s not so important. Matthias might have gone on to do great and unrecorded things.

What matters is the fact they were seeking Him and God honors that.

Are you after God? Whether or not you hear His voice or feel His nudge, you’ll still see His Lordship. What now? Write down 3 things you’d like God to change in you. Pray about them, and look back to see how He answers! (It might not be the way you expected, but that doesn’t matter!)

Joy Ferdiz

October 7th, 2013

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