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At some point in our lives, we’ve all felt quite a bit inferior. Feeling as though you’re not needed can make you feel really out of place. And that hurts.

Take Church as an example: it can be SO easy in a world that seems run by outgoing extrovert types to believe that center-stage is where the cool kids are at. But this is wrong, and there’s a bigger picture to look at.

The best job you can possibly do is the one that God has given you the gifts for.

It’s more than likely that your church is full of people who need someone to encourage them. An outcast who needs a friend. A tech desk that needs a faithful worker. A project that needs volunteers.

Is this an aspiration-knockdown?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that we aren’t telling you to wash prayer meeting coffee mugs ‘til the end of time. But God is always ready to teach someone and lead them into their ‘calling’, and that can start small. Starting with people who know you can be an easy way to trace your way to your calling.

Bottom line: get to know yourself. Praying and learning about your abilities and personality type can be really helpful. Why? Because you can relax, knowing that God ‘set apart his faithful servant for himself’ (Psalm 4:3 NIV).


What Now?

Make an appointment to meet up with someone you trust, and ask them what they think your gifts are. Commit to challenge each other to put them to service, then meet up one month later to see what came from it.

‘…That you may not bear it yourself alone’ Numbers 11:17 NKJ

Joy Ferdiz

July 19th, 2014

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