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Life can be busy. And it’s great (really, really great) that you take time out with God in the middle of all that.

So now, what about your on-earth relationships?

Jesus made it pretty clear that the second most important thing in life, right after loving God, is loving people (that’s in Matthew 22:37-40). And to do that, we have to spend time around others – even those irritating, noisy, imperfect, demanding, frustrating people.

It’s awful for our relationships if we don’t put time and effort into them. That’s how friends ‘drift apart’ and how families can start to misunderstand each other.

Plus, we need other people.

Those few minutes spent chatting to your friend, or that Sunday dinner around the table – it all adds something to your life because God made us to live in community.

The love of others is good for us.

And, the love we send out is good for those others.

Ask God to fill you up with His love, to the point that you’re positively overflowing with it.

Then, if you take the time to really share a little of your day with another person, chances are, you’ll be able to share God in some way too.

Even if that’s just in the friendly hello that someone needed to hear that day.


Go to your phone. Scroll down to the 10th person you texted and start there. Pray for that person, and the next 5, that they’d have a really blessed day. You could even send them an encouragement to top it off if you like.

Verse of the Day:

‘…He has commanded us to love one another…’ John 13:34-35

Joy Ferdiz

March 1st, 2014

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