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Working out differences with others helps to mature us in our faith.

Arguments give us the chance to learn. Even disagreements can be an occasion to celebrate diversity. Some difficult stuff can be a chance to take a humble step back and ‘turn the other cheek’. Yes, we certainly wouldn’t advise you to go looking for ways to fall out or get stabbed in the back, but when we bring these things before God in prayer, He can really use them for our good.

Years ago, people would huddle round the same television or listen to the same record at the same time. But technology now is geared to our own personal, even private, entertainment experience.

Life can become like that too – in those times that we no longer feel we need others so much. Community, though, breaks down our walls. We come face to face with what we dislike in others and in ourselves.

Working through disagreements can show us how to respect other peoples’ personalities – yes, don’t seek them out, but don’t necessarily run from ‘healthy debates’ when they flare up.

God lives in community (Father, Spirit, Son) and, made in His image, we were made for community too.

So make sure you aren’t  a Christian by your lonesome;

meet regularly with fellow believers.

What Now?

Stuck in an argument that you can’t get out of? Give it a break. Stop thinking about what the other person has said, and think about where you could sensibly and generously give ground.

‘…You are members of God’s family’ Ephesians 2:19 NLT

Joy Ferdiz

July 10th, 2014

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