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We all want good, honest friendships.

But we also can’t help hoping that our friends see the right ‘version’ of ourselves. They can see the carefully crafted Facebook profile, but can they see the raw, honest me? The one that’s there when there’s no one else around? Maybe not.

The author Brennan Manning called that crafted persona ‘The Impostor’, and said that we put it on when we want to ”present a perfect image to the public so that everybody will admire us and nobody will know us”.

You may find that in your Church community or house group it’s difficult to really be yourself. There is this idea that if we just all show up together and call ourselves Christians everything will work out, but real life isn’t always as simple as that – we have to learn to remove our masks.

Making space for honesty needs a trust in God that honesty won’t destroy you. It’s a decision to act for other people’s good and our own good.

Actually being honest, by not holding back our shortcomings and failures, means our friends have to get used to the true us. But this is a real relief. It is so worth it. When we live genuinely, trusting in God in the face of our friends and the world, the glory of God will be on show in our lives more than ever before.

What now?

When you’re at home this evening, or whenever, go into the bathroom and turn on the faucets. Look yourself in the eye in the mirror, and say out loud: “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” (… the running water is so you don’t have to worry about sounding crazy.)

Verse of the Day

‘…Provide things honest in the sight of all men.’ Romans 12:17 KJV

Joy Ferdiz

February 10th, 2014

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