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The Finger of God (3)

The Finger of God (3)

Why not on paper? Or parchment? Or inscribed onto wood? Perhaps there was something symbolic about the Ten Commandments being written on stone.

Stone is hard and uncompromising. Not easily shattered. Here were rules not to be broken or messed with.

As God’s finger etched words of life into the cold stone, a moral code to build a society upon was being written. Even today our laws agree with these principles: lay off the murder, don’t do the stealing thing, do not bear false witness. Most people today couldn’t tell you all Ten Commandments and yet their conscience would still agree with what Moses brought down from Sinai all those years ago.

It’s almost as if the finger of God has written His laws and principles onto the hearts of men and women, too, our conscience bearing the trace of God’s values.

When we choose to ignore our conscience, most likely there will be consequences. A diver can break through the surface of a lake with ease during summer. And yet in the winter freeze it is possible to ride a truck across stony frozen water. It’s like that with our conscience. When our heart is soft to God, we obey. With disobedience, our heart becomes frozen hard.

Practice obedience, otherwise God may need to turn up the heat to thaw out your heart.

What Now?

Compare the characters Saul and David in the book of 1 Samuel. One obeys (mostly). One doesn’t. How do they both end up?

‘… He gave him the two stone tablets … written by the finger of God’

Exodus 31:18 NLT

Joy Ferdiz

May 29th, 2014

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