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Teaming Up with Team Kramer

Teaming Up with Team Kramer

Featured Positively Pinoys:  Doug & Chesca Kramer – The Accidental “Social Media Phenomenon”

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As of this posting, the FB fanpage dubbed “Team Kramer” belonging to the family of the PBA Petron player and TV Host & Actress has over 3.5 million followers, plus thousands of others on Instagram and Twitter.  What started with the Kramers sharing pictures and posts about their family with friends online has grown into a huge influential platform.

So why do so many people follow Team Kramer?

According to Doug, it’s because people see something different and desirable about the celebrity couple and their family…and no he’s not talking about fame and success.

“Why do people follow us? I think it’s because in a time where divorce and separation is everywhere, were a sight for sore eyes. We post pictures of our memorable and fun times with our kids, and the activities we do. But I and my wife believe, we have a greater purpose. We started using these as avenues to reach out to people to get to know Christ…”

Doug & Chesca believe that the influence they have been given through social media, and even greater than that, through the way they live their lives is for a purpose.  They believe it is a gift from God that comes with great responsibility and just as easily as it was given, it can be taken away.  Therefore, Team Kramer wants to make the very most of their opportunity while it exists.

 For the Kramers, that means sharing the greatest gift of all…God’s good news of love and forgiveness available to all through Jesus!

Doug Kramer of Petron. Photo by Mark CristinoWith this in mind, Team Kramer is teaming up with you to share Jesus with your friends and family.  Doug and Chesca, the Philippines 1st Family of Social Media,  have recently partnered with yesHeis Philippines to provide you with free gospel-centered (and very cool)  videos for you to share online with social media.  To start sharing, sign up for your free yesHeis account today by visiting http://shareeternity.ph  or by downloading the yesHeis mobile app for Android or iOS,

To learn more about the Doug and Chesca and what makes their family different, click on the links below to read their story in their own words and check out their new video for yesHEis Philippines .


Mike Medlin

October 29th, 2014

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