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Stabilising Peace

Stabilising Peace

Our last couple of days have been centered around the input into our lives: what we see and hear (Forgotten already? Try to go back and remember what we talked about yesterday.)

Now, what happens when we don’t keep watch over all of that? When there’s so much going on that we’ve forgotten to keep looking and listening out for God?

Well, try this for size: fear. And we don’t just mean being scared out of your wits about stuff. When we aren’t fearing/revering/respecting God, we find ourselves giving people the final say in our lives. It might be a class or workplace bully or even an overly critical teacher. In fact, Jesus knew that ultimately, if God calls you to something, you have to be careful that even those closest to us don’t hold us up from doing our ‘Father’s business’ (Luke 2:49).

It’s not always easy when the world around you seems to be fearful about what you are, too.

Keeping your head screwed on even when it looks like a storm’s coming is a challenge to anyone. But Jesus says ‘…Take heart…l have overcome the world.’  (John 16:33 NLT).

It wouldn’t have taken much for the disciples to start panicking about doing ‘life’ without Jesus. They’d just found out how much opposition they’d come up against, and on top of that, Jesus was about to leave them. Wouldn’t you be scared? The fact that Jesus promised to be with them in Spirit was more than enough to reassure them. And it’s got to be the same for us, too.

What Now?

To the Bible! Mark 4:35-41.  What do you notice about the two types of fear in this short story?

‘…Take heart…l have overcome the world.’  John 16:33 NLT

Joy Ferdiz

May 18th, 2014

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