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Sparrows (2)

Sparrows (2)

‘I am like…a sparrow alone on the housetop.’ Psalms 102:6-7 NKJV

lonely sparrow. The Psalmist wrote, ‘I am like…a sparrow alone on the housetop.’

Has your “nest” been torn apart by a storm? Have you lost a friend? Did a relationship just crumble?

Jesus can relate.

His disciples didn’t ‘get Him’. They argued over who would be the greatest. They failed to pray with Him in His most difficult moments.

On the cross He cried out, ‘My God, my God, why have you left me?’ (Matthew 27:46 CEB).

There’s a funny story of a single lady who hung a pair of pants at the foot of her bed, then sent God a letter: ‘Father in heaven, help me if you can.

I’ve hung a pair of trousers here; please fill them with a man.’ Seriously, loneliness can be devastating to your self-worth.

Young people, we often wonder if we will ever find the right person to marry. Older people fear ending life all alone.

The God Who knew that Adam was incomplete not only created Eve for him, but actually introduced them and brought them together.

He can do the same for you. If you are single, never-married, and want to find a life-partner, don’t be anxious! God says, ‘ I know where you live…’ (Revelation 2:13 NIV).

God knows your name, your address, and every detail about you. And better yet, He cares!

And one more thought: sometimes loneliness is not the absence of affection but the absence of direction; not the absence of people but the absence of purpose.

Start reaching out to others. Find an unmet need in your community, pour your life into it, and see things start to look up—not down.

Joy Ferdiz

December 18th, 2013

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