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So you got your Degree, Now What?

It’s been exactly two year since I met Pastor Elias Osorio. If there is something that really made a mark in my spiritual life and journey, it would be this essay he made:

Initial step for a meaningful and flourishing existence

A man whose steps are ordered by the Lord will never fear the next.

For a man of faith will always be sustained by the Lord.

We were told by the wise men of Israel to trust the Lord, to commit our way unto Him and He will give us the desire of our heart.

And in all our ways acknowledge Him and He will make our paths straight.


The very purpose of finishing an Academic Degree is to secure a related, meaningful and good earning job. Without educational attainment or degree it would be very difficult for any Filipino to live meaningfully, unless you are a son/daughter of a millionaire.

For a citizen of this country, it is natural for a college graduate to look for a good earning job, work that would give a better, meaningful and flourishing existence in terms of identity and economic. For identity and respect are always connected to our profession and work. This is the reason why we need to choose a work that is honourable and good earning. Good earning should be secondary to honourable for we need to find favour in the Lord and fear Him.

Fearing God is a very important aspect in choosing our job.

It should be a work that will glorify our Creator.

Finding a job is not easy, but for a person who fears the Lord and seeks Him in his ways, it is not. Those who trust in Him will never be dismayed. They whose hearts are right and equipped with enough training and character, finding a job is not so difficult.

A good and thinking person will not rush things to avoid making mistake and its long term effect. We need to choose a work that is related to our profession for only then we could be most effective. God created us in His own image and likeness and equipped us with conscience (to choose where we could be used by God as his instrument of love, kindness, goodness and meaningful existence for the good of His Kingdom, the whole of humanity and creation) and common sense.

Yet, time comes that even after a long period of considerations and reflections

we fail to come up with good decisions.

To commit mistakes are part of human journey. But wrong choices could be recovered. Wrong choice of job or even career could be a product of rush decision, lack of advice from credible people, listening too much from others and not sitting down for effective career planning. Jesus spoke to his disciples telling them that, a wise person will sit down and reflect to consider his plans. And of course God is the God of chances. He gives chances to those who come to Him—and give yourself a chance as well. For good and successful life could also be a product of learned or meaningful mistakes.

Don’t worry of not finding a job; if you know that you studied hard,

did your best and trusted the Lord, surely your steps will be guided,

God will not frustrate those whose hearts and eyes are on Him.

If your decision in choosing your job is a product of sincere prayer and considerations, it cannot be wrong.  At the same time you will not dislike it but enjoy.


Joy Ferdiz

April 10th, 2015

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