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‘These things happened to them as examples…for us…’ 1 Corinthians 10:11 NIV

In brief, Joseph had his head screwed on. He wasn’t perfect, but we can certainly learn from the he dealt with misfortune, rejection (compared to Samson’s set-up in life), temptation (compared to Samson’s head-firstness), and his attitude.

If you’re at all familiar with their stories, you’ll have noticed that Samson had everything going for him, while Joseph didn’t. Joseph didn’t get off to a great start: his brothers didn’t like the favour God had for him at all and they sold him into slavery. But Joseph forgave them (that’s just big of him!), acted in faith that God was with him (Flashback to Oct 15?), and ended up helping his family out big time during famine.

He also resisted temptation: turning down a married woman multiple times.

He lived with determination to stay on track with God (Genesis 39:9). It was because of this rejection that the married woman falsely accused him and it was this that landed him in prison where he became one of the leaders of that nation! (God was with this boy!)

Comparison time:

Samson has a position of authority… Joseph ends up in prison. Samson goes for the girl his lust tells him to (and it ends badly)… Joseph resists temptation. Through his hard-times, he never turns his back on God who had planned for Joseph to end up as Prime Minister.

Samson lived out of his own strength and turned to God when times got hard. Joseph lived trusting in God despite his situations with hugely different results.


What now?
The Joseph story (Genesis 37-46) is full of lessons. What can you learn from how he responded to tough-times?

Joy Ferdiz

October 23rd, 2013

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