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‘These things happened to them as examples…for us…’ 1 Corinthians 10:11 NIV

Over the next two days we’re comparing and contrasting two Bible characters with a view to draw out some juicy wisdom.

The first one is Mr. Samson. He was the product of a miracle (see Judges 13). He was brought up by godly parents and most famous for his supernatural strength. If he was the beefy, all round superman of a guy that we often see depicted, he’d probably be all over your Twitter feed (#strongmansamson). Yet, he ended up failing miserably (see Judges 16).


He didn’t pray. Most of the time, he relied on his own strength and wisdom rather than
God’s. The only time there’s a mention about Samson praying was when he was in trouble.

Ring a bell?

We can’t be surprised if we live according to our will only, and then wonder why we’re in a mess!

There’s another big decision-making lesson we can learn from him. Rather than being led by God’s Word, he was led by his feelings to marry the wrong woman who eventually betrayed him.

Being led by your emotions before checking in with God might feel ‘right’ for a short while but it never turns out too well.

Samson sought revenge, but Joseph prayed for those who hurt him. He was motivated by greed whereas Joseph worked hard.

Why mention these things?

If it can happen to Samson, it can happen to us!


What now?

Samson’s story is a good pointer to keep our God-given strengths in check. What do people say you’re good at? Today, make time to thank God for that and devote it to glorifying Him.

Joy Ferdiz

October 22nd, 2013

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