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‘I will pour out water to quench your thirst…’ Isaiah 44:3 NLT

Julie Coleman writes: ‘I was heading to a writer’s conference in Philadelphia when I realized I’d better think about stopping for petrol (gas)…

Normally I’m fussy about where I stop… but as I drove the lonely stretch of road, I began to feel desperate…any minute…

I’d be stranded in 100-plus degrees and I didn’t even have a water bottle…I drove several long miles until I came to a tiny crossroads.

Four houses….and a petrol station! It looked like it could be called ‘Joe’s Petrol Station and Storm Door Company’

…I’d probably have turned up my nose at it in another circumstance. But at that moment [it] was the best thing I’d ever seen!

Funny how our circumstances can dictate how we feel!’

Running from his enemies, David prayed,

‘…My soul thirsts for you…in a parched…land where there is no water…Teach me to walk in the way I should’ 

Psalms 143:6-8 NAS

Would his prayer have been different if David had been living in a mansion surrounded by maids and drivers and everything he needed?

Not knowing where his next meal was coming from and sleeping outside every night changed his perspective. When life goes well, we become self-sufficient and forget God.

Spiritually speaking, we run on empty until a spark ignites an outburst.

If your car’s tank is empty, whose fault is it? The gas station didn’t move! You just skipped it! When you’re running on empty, you end up hurting those closest to you, then dealing with the guilt that comes after a flare-up.

God said, ‘I will pour out water to quench your thirst.’ So, pick up your Bible and refuel your soul today!

What now?

Take a look at the verse from Isaiah that’s at the top of today’s reading. Set (at least) 10 minutes aside and repeat it slowly to yourself, over and over. Use that as a re-charge time.

Joy Ferdiz

December 13th, 2013

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