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“Blessed are the poor in spirit…”                                                       Matthew 5:3 NIV


Our relationships aren’t perfect.

We’re definitely not just talking about that guy/girl you like, it’s also about your parents, your friends, or your class/work-mates. We’re talking about anyone who has an influence in your life.

What can we do to build good relationships? How can we be totally sure others can confidently build trust and ‘do life’ with us?

A clash of personalities or testing circumstances can seem to put real strain on them. Although we’re talking about a broad range of people you know today, we think Jesus covered a lot of ground with the ‘Beatitudes’ (Matthew 5). If you aren’t familiar with them, take a look.

It’s the key to blessed relationships. How about 4 main points?

Be humble.  Self-promoting and always demanding your rights brings misery while humility, self-denial, and considering others’ needs bring happiness.

Be meek (restraining your power). Maybe hold back those harsh words that might even contain a bit of truth?

Be merciful. You know when you’ve been hurt and left out? Don’t seek revenge from that. Instead, contribute to an atmosphere of forgiveness.

Be a peacemaker. During the week, if your brilliant ideas get ignored, don’t sweat. The ability to let go of our pride and not ‘win’ approval decreases the chance of conflict.

Jesus was pretty good at that sort of stuff, being God and all. There’s definitely some stuff we can apply here to make the most of our time with others.

What now?

Is there something you need to let go of in a relationship? Holding grudges is a killer- face up to the challenge of making peace today.

Joy Ferdiz

October 8th, 2013

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