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‘…He sought his God…And so he prospered’ 2 Chronicles 31:21 NIV

Last December, just a few days after the British prime minister urged the Church of England to take a lead in restoring moral values, a survey revealed that the number of Christians in the UK had fallen by 10% in just five years.

It hurts but we’ve seen this before.

It’s just like how things were in ancient Israel in Hezekiah’s time. In spite of all God’s blessings, many of the people there had turned their backs on Him.

So as believers, as Christians in the only Christian nation in Asia, how can we play our part in restoring God’s moral values in times like these?

In Old Testament times, King Hezekiah set his heart on restoring God to His rightful position of leadership in the land and this is what he did:

1) He put God’s word first (2 Chronicles 31:4 NLT);

2) He challenged corruption (2 Chronicles 29:5 NLT);

3) He called the people to return to the Lord (2 Chronicles 30:6 NLT) and;

4) He called people to worship God (2 Chronicles 29:28 NLT).

Most importantly ‘In everything that he undertook…he sought his God and worked wholeheartedly. And so he prospered.’(2 Chronicles 31:21 NIV) The result? Israel was transformed.


What now?
We need to play our part. Pick up a copy of a local newspaper today and find a story that you can pray about or act on. (You can also go to to get stuck into a prayer campaign that aims to transform our nation.)

Joy Ferdiz

October 31st, 2013

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