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‘…How can they hear, unless someone tells them?’ Romans 10:14 CEV

John Ortberg says:

1) Never rule anybody out. Jesus reached out to tax collectors, lepers, sinners (that’s all of us, by the way), and Gentiles.

They shocked the religious establishment by saying yes and maybe there’s somebody in your world who’s so far from God you’ve written them off such as a relative who ridicules your faith, an acquaintance who’s resisted for years, or somebody so steeped in sin you think there’s no hope.

Never say no for another person because you don’t know when their hearts will soften or how God’s Spirit will work.’

2) Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Ortberg continues: ‘Blocks from my parents’ home…is the largest Buddhist temple in America. I checked it out and received amazing insight into how intimidating it is to go into a place of worship as a stranger not knowing the customs.

When you invite someone to church, they’re much more likely to go if you go together. Then, have a coffee together and talk about what took place.’

3) Be the hands and feet of Jesus. Jewish law prohibited lepers from having contact with non-lepers. But when a leper approached Jesus, He reached out and touched the man who hadn’t been touched in years (Mark 1:40-45).

Was Jesus infected by his leprosy? No, He infected the leper with the Gospel because Jesus was more contagious with God’s power than the leper was with his disease.

Be a contagious Christian who infects others with God’s love.

Look at your hands. Do you extend those arms to reach out for God? His Kingdom has been spread the way since thousands of years ago. Keep at it!

What now?

For every time you hear someone sneeze today, try to (naturally) share something about God or your faith in your conversation (try not to get sneezed on though… wrong kind of infection).

Joy Ferdiz

December 6th, 2013

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