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One author writes:

‘While visiting my parents I needed a haircut, so I went to where my mom goes. As the owner Jim trimmed my hair, we started talking about spiritual things. The more we talked, the more he cut. I ended up with very short hair, but our conversation about Jesus was worth it.

Later, when I suggested to my mom that she’ll invite Jim and his wife to church, she said, “No way they’d be interested…they lead a pretty wild life. I don’t know two people further from God.”

Nevertheless, the next time she went to the salon, she shot up a silent prayer: “God, I don’t think these people are interested in You. If You want me to say anything, make something happen.”

Suddenly, Jim’s wife said, “I understand that you’re in a group that discusses spiritual things. We’d like to come.”

Pam and Jim eventually prayed with my folks and gave their lives to Christ – all because of a conversation that developed over a series of haircuts.

This kind of reaction rarely happens.

Most Christians spend virtually all their time with other Christians…

But when it comes to important matters, people listen to whom they trust especially about spiritual matters.

Paul says,

“How can people have faith in the Lord if they have never heard about Him? And…unless someone tells them?”

If people are going be reached for Christ, for the most part, it’ll happen through friends, not strangers.

So, cultivate a relationship with somebody who works at your favorite restaurant or the people at your gym.

Invite the neighbors over for dinner. Follow Christ’s example and befriend people who don’t know God.

Verse of the day:

‘…How can they hear, unless someone tells them?’ Romans 10:14 CEV

What now?

One to keep in the back of your head for Sunday: Look out for someone new or new-ish at church: welcome them and see if you can have a chat about their faith. (Even if they’re a bit older/younger than you. Even if they have dandruff…)

Joy Ferdiz

December 5th, 2013

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