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You know that situation when you know what the right thing is, but just can’t go through with it?

It’s when we walk away from something good and we dislike ourselves for it. It’s when we actively hurt other people and it really sticks in our gut. Maybe we know our own sin quite well – and when we see it in the things we do, the things we attach ourselves to, and our attitudes, it hurts.

Sin constantly causes that inner struggle.

The back-and-forth between good and bad. Go explore around the bigger passage behind today’s verse (roughly verses 15 to 25) and you’ll get the idea.

What we’re called to do when we see our own sin is not to melt down, or start hitting ourselves in annoyance. What we’re called to do is to return to God in our thoughts, not to our guilt.

Eventually, as you do this more and more, you get the sense of the ‘the fear of the Lord’. ‘The fear of the Lord’ is a gift that prods us when we’re going wrong, when the Spirit tugs us by the collar and stops us from getting into a wrong situation or bad thought process (not Spidey-sense, superhero fans, but, eh, close enough).

God will reorder our habits, our mind’s patterns; He is willing to do this, and is just waiting for us to return to Him.

What now?

‘Practice’ getting sensitive to God’s approval and warning in your mind during prayer time. You will probably need to pray for it, though some Christians do have this gift ‘naturally’. Then remember what it feels like to have that awareness, during your day.

Verse of the Day

‘…I find this law at work: When I want to do good, evil is right there with me.’ Romans 7:21 NIV

Joy Ferdiz

February 8th, 2014

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