Proof Positive

Celebrating Pinoys Caught in the Act of Doing Good

Actions always speak louder than words.  Jesus knew this and He encouraged His disciples to love Him and their fellow man through their actions first and their words second.   By loving, serving, and giving we put the spotlight on Jesus as we allow Him to live through us.  This is the heart of living Positively Pinoy & Proof Positive of a loving God that is alive and active in the Philippines today.

Here’s our latest Pinoy “Caught in the Act“”

Caught someone in the act of doing good?  We want to share it with world!  Complete the questions below and feel free to attach a photo or brief video of them “caught in the act” and they just might be featured here on  By submitting your story you are granting permission for us to use this information online through our website, social media, mobile application, and on-air.

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