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To fully understand exactly who God is, it might be that we have to reach a low point.

Our own personal pig-sty can put the love of God that we’re missing back into perspective, leading us to the first part of something called ‘repentance (turning back to your God). So, it took a lot for the younger son to finally come to ‘his senses’, after walking out on all He had for him.


However, the W4U curveball for today is another thought regarding the older brother in the story: was he guilty of something just as bad?


In a house with his loving Father, completely cared for and supplied with everything he needed, he still hadn’t come to his senses. Check this out: ‘…This son of yours who has squandered your property with prostitutes comes home; you kill the fattened calf for him!’ (v. 30 NIV). Ouch. He didn’t think the younger son deserved it… true, but neither did he. Unlike the younger son, he wasn’t aware of his problem: judgmentalism.


He built himself up by tearing his ‘unholy’ brother down.


As Christians, one of the first stumbling blocks we need to get past is simply accepting that God, our Father, loves us.


Sounds simple, huh?


But if we truly get our heads around it, that we simply can’t do anything to earn it, it makes accepting others a lot easier. That’s the kind of perspective on things that the younger brother had- he knew he wasn’t worthy.


What now?

Think about what God gives us freely. Acceptance? Freedom? Grace? Now, show some of that to someone who needs it- invite them into your life/friendship group and get alongside them.

‘He came to his senses…’  Luke 15:17 NIV

Joy Ferdiz

April 1st, 2014

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