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The last couple of days we’ve focused on the older brother in the parable of the prodigal son. There’s a lot there for long-standing ‘got it together’ Christians. But today, we thought we’d address the main character in the parable, the younger brother.


Like his sibling, he didn’t fully grasp the nature of his Fatherbut for different reasons.


When he walked away from his home, he left all the good he could have freely had; who in their right mind would do that? Everything he needed to live life to the fullest was right under his nose.


That definitely sunk in later. And like the prodigal son, when we look back in hindsight at a good thing we’ve left behind, it’s easy to admit that we’ve been stupid (think of the car! think of the inheritance! think of the comfort we lived in!). Finding yourself stuck in a rut with no strength left and nowhere else to turn is often when you realize you should have stayed in the house, where God’s got everything we need.


But, in practice, turning back to God takes some real humility.


We can either stick it alone, or run back home with nothing to show for what we’ve done. Yet, that’s what matters. Messing up is not the end of the story. Nope. The younger brother got up, and chose to admit his mistakes. The Father was waiting for the son with open arms.


What now?

Stand at a window and look out for while. Re-read the prodigal son story while standing there and imagine what the Father does… what does this tell you about Father God? Need to come home today?

‘…He was lost and is found.’  Luke 15:32 NIV

Joy Ferdiz

April 2nd, 2014

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