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“Father…Take this cup away from Me…” Mark 14:36 NKJ

How do we pray when we don’t feel in any way holy? Nobody feels incredibly devout 24/7. Motivation is important. We can’t always ride off the back of a wave of intense spiritual emotion.

Sometimes, it’s gloomy and stormy outside. You know you still have to fit in your morning’s fifteen minutes (or maybe your evening’s fifteen minutes, it really depends) with God.

Sometimes, the last thing you’ll want to do is listen to your depressed friend and quietly ask God to help them (while you could be happily zoning out to your favourite playlist.)

C.S. Lewis said,

I must say my prayers today whether I feel devout or not; but that is only as I
must learn my grammar if I am ever to read the poets.

Yeah, poetry was the thing that got he’s tastebuds tingling, but feel free to replace that with your own activity of choice. The point is that the ‘drudge’ of learning grammar (or lifting weights, or learning guitar chords, or doing MATH!) changes you. Not only in patience, but also you’re growing closer to an experience that is beyond flat and normal human life. You start to change inside in a secret way.

This is especially true with prayer. Even when it looks like practice or you’re speaking words to an empty room, you will be opening your life to God. And, God will come along and meet you because you have tried.

What Now?

“Don’t believe the hype.” Well, the core of prayer is very exciting. It’s the conversation with the Creator but in reality it doesn’t always feel like a life-changing experience. That’s okay. What’s your usual prayer routine? Go do that, even if it feels quiet. Don’t have one? Have a look at.

Joy Ferdiz

October 24th, 2013

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