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‘Our ruler in Heaven…’ or ‘Our Lord of the universe…’ Jesus could’ve begun like this.

Both are theologically (you know, sound biblical rules and stuff) correct. Yet when He chooses to model His way of praying, He uses the words ‘Our Father.’ Not ruler. Not king. Not head-honcho. Not boss. Father.

Why? As we said yesterday, Jesus is reminding us of family.

He wants us to think like family. We are not orphans. We have a Father.

We don’t have a duty to live right with fellow citizens. We have a responsibility to love our brothers and sisters. We are family, God’s family. We have roles in this family – one of which is our role as a sibling.

Because of this, we should actively choose not to climb on our brothers or sisters to get to the top, and because of this, we should actively choose to care for others, like the hungry in our communities. This is the kind of family God adopts us into.

Not only are we siblings, we are children.

Jesus reminds us here that God is a good father—the best.

He provides and accepts and loves, always! A father of compassion and comfort. We can always go to Him when we feel hurt by others. He’ll never let you down. So take His mercy; accept His help.’

What Now?
When we’re rooted into that sort of family, and we’re getting what we need emotionally from
God, that selfless love flows out of us. Right now, ask God to show you how He is a perfect
Father to you. Maybe you can ask Him to give you one good opportunity to share this family
love today?

‘Take the mercy, accept the help’ Hebrews 4:16 TM

Joy Ferdiz

May 11th, 2014

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