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Jesus didn’t give us ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ just in order for primary school teachers to kill a couple of minutes in class each week. Yes it’s a ready-made prayer, but it’s not made so that we don’t have to think. Jesus understands how we’re wired inside. He knows we can be tempted to love what He can do for us more than loving Him for who He is.

The Lord’s Prayer points us back to God and starts our focus with Him first.

That’s a pretty good way for us to get a good perspective on our issues. William Barclay points out that the Lord’s Prayer

‘…has two major parts: the first for God’s benefit, the second for ours. Honor the first 
part, and the second is guaranteed.’

Part one begins with ‘Our Father’. Remember, we are not approaching Santa with our gift list – we are approaching family. Family comes with responsibility to our brothers and sisters. Family comes with security and benefits. ‘Our Father’ reminds us that what God says goes.

The Lord’s Prayer might feel like a packaged prayer, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t think about it. The next few days we are going to turn our mind to The Lord’s Prayer. Use the time to think about prayer 360 degrees.

What Now?
Over-familiarization of famous Bible passages can dilute the meaning for us. Look up these
famous words in a variety of translations online (Luke 11:2-4; Matthew 6:9-13). Or refresh the
words by writing one of them out in your own words. That would be a cool thing to do.

‘…Lord, teach us to pray…’ Luke 11:1

Joy Ferdiz

May 10th, 2014

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