Piolo Pascual is Brighter For You

Piolo Pascual is Brighter For You

Some entertainers have a special spark that is hard to put your finger on.  Actor/Director/Singer Piolo Pascual shares what makes his life brighter in his comments from this interview in the Asian Journal

“I was at the top of my career when I surrendered my life to God. So many things were happening to me at that time. I had just finished Dekada 70 where we won 10 awards. At the young age of 25, I was winning awards and earning millions already. I was working then with Donita Rose and she gave me a Bible. Donita told me to read the Bible and it will change my life.”
“I thought how can a book change my life? I was then, so full of myself. I can act. I can sing. I’m talented. I thought I didn’t need anything. But, I’d go home and look at my trophies and feel there is a big void in my life. I appreciated the recognition from my peers in the industry but there was still something lacking; something missing in my life. I cried out to God-I don’t know what to do.” “He then made me realize that I was living a very worldly life, apart from Him. Yet, God blessed me so much. It was then that I realized my need for God—not when I was at the bottom needing help—but when I was on top and had everything but God. I surrendered my life to God. And my life has never been the same. God has become my reason for living. I live to share my faith. There is an overflowing grace of God in me. I told our pastor I wanted to just be a pastor but he challenged me to remain in the entertainment industry. He said that God put me in the field of entertainment and I can reach more people where I am. My purpose is to be someone in showbiz who can spread the Truth of God’s Word. God has placed me here and I will shine for him.”
Today, Piolo is bbrighter4u_albumcoverlessed to share his spark with his son Ignigo in the brand new duet “Brighter For You” that shares about their special father-son relationship.  Download it for free courtesy of MYX.ph when you click here.
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Mike Medlin

August 11th, 2014

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