Pale by Comparison

Pale by Comparison

When you think no one has problems like yours, remember what Jesus endured.

We all have a tendency to feel sorry for ourselves when trouble comes our way and everything seems to be going wrong. One cure for these feelings can be found in remembering what other believers have endured in their service for Christ. Consider American missionary David Brainerd (1718-1747). He wrote, “My diet consists mostly of hasty-pudding, boiled corn, and bread baked in ashes, and sometimes a little meat and butter. My lodging is a little heap of straw, laid upon some boards. . . . My work is exceedingly hard and difficult. . . . These and many other uncomfortable circumstances attend me; and yet my spiritual conflicts and distresses so far exceed all these that I scarce think of them, but feel as if I were entertained in the most sumptuous manner.” It’s helpful to consider what people like David Brainerd have endured, but it’s even more helpful to remember what our Lord Jesus went through for us. The most effective cure for self-pity is to recall the suffering of our Savior on the cross and to think of the great joy we will experience when He returns in His glory (1 Peter4:1,13). As we focus our thoughts on Jesus, we’ll gain a new perspective and our self-pity will cease.

Mike Medlin

September 4th, 2014

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