Overcoming the Obstacles to Becoming a Foster Parent: Obstacle #1

Overcoming the Obstacles to Becoming a Foster Parent: Obstacle #1

A Practical Series from Featured Positively Pinoy Ministry Home For Good Foundation

Obstacle #1: The Emotional Roller Coaster of Loving, Bonding and Saying Goodbye to Your Foster Child

The Home for Good Foundation delights in helping families overcome the challenges to providing a home for orphans.  Some of the most difficult challenges can be those we create ourselves.

Many would-be foster parents hesitate after considering the natural sadness that comes with the eventual separation from the child.  These feelings are very real, but a little emotional and mental preparation can help you manage your emotions and equip you to make a lasting impact in the life of an orphan.


Malen Papadopoulos , National Director, www.hfcf.org, 09175699164

Acknowledge that the goal of fostering is to provide a temporary home environment. Depending on the child’s situation, the length of their stay in your home could be brief or more long term.

Know and embrace beforehand whichever situation your child is in.

When the time of separation does come, it will help to look beyond your temporary sadness and celebrate with joy the role you played in a childs’ life on their path to home.

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May 23rd, 2015

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