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Oplan Hatid is now back at Villamor Airbase

Oplan Hatid is now back at Villamor Airbase

Thursday, November 21, 2013 It was said that Oplan Salubong and Oplan Hatid (a volunteer transport service at Villamor Airbase) was to be shutdown Thursday at 12 noon and will be turned over to the government and all relief operations will be transferred to Camp Aguinaldo. The message was by James Deakin on November 20, 2013.

However, at around 9 pm of November 21, he posted that the relief operations were asked to go back at Villamor. His statement:

“The relief operation has been moved back to Villamor. The col is asking our#oplanhatid volunteer group to please set up again. They are desperate for volunteer drivers. If you can help, go to gate 5 ASAP. Look for Juancho. They have 500 evacuees now and 4 flights coming in tonight. I swear you couldn’t make this stuff up, but let’s save our commentary for another time. Right now, there are more important things to focus on.”

And so concerned our concerned kababayans can still volunteer and go to Villamor, extend help to the Typhoon Yolanda victims by sending them home to their relatives.

As of 11:18 am today , James posted:

#OPLANHATID ver2.0 is up and running. I’ll save the story for another time because right now we just need help. We’re running on a skeleton crew for now and are relying on your generosity once again to rebuild the team into a bigger and better operation to clear the massive backlog at Villamor at the moment. When I left at 10:45am, there were 700 people in need of a ride. I’ll post my wish list after this, but right now, if you can drive, here’s what to do after registering on our website.

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Joy Ferdiz

November 22nd, 2013

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