Open to Change

We get used to people and things and even if it’s not perfect we accept it because it’s familiar. Change is inevitable.

What worked for you five years ago may not work today. We all have to stay open to change. If you’re going to be successful you have to be willing to change. God likes freshness. He works in seasons. Make adjustments, make corrections. God wants to take you one step closer to your promised land. Sometimes a minor adjustment may make a major improvement. Don’t hold on to something that God’s done with. You may be holding on to friendships that’s been keeping your joy. The reason you may be stuck in a rut right now is because you didn’t want to take that change. God wouldn’t allow that change if you weren’t ready for it. God brings us to new levels and He equips us to overcome.

Elijah was getting all comfortable when the ravens were giving him food by the brook.  But just as he was getting used to it, God told him to move in to the city, live with a widow that will take care of Him (1 Kings 17:7-24.) He became a great blessing to that widow! He could have said, “I like this brook, I made friends with the ravens”.  But God had a different plan. He stopped the ravens from coming and He dried up the brook.

You may be facing the same predicament Elijah faced. The brook’s dried up and the ravens are gone.

Tired from running away from guilt and the emptiness inside you that is eating you up? God likes change and He’ll change you into something He’s created you to be.

Mike Medlin

February 6th, 2014

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