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 ‘…Help us for the glory of your name…’ Psalm 79:9 NLT

I was morbidly obese, but thanks to BellyBusters I’m now a delicious size 10!’ … ‘I smoked three packs a day, but now I’ve stubbed it out’ … ‘Drinking almost killed me, but I found the bottle to stop!’

What causes someone to finally break an addiction or habit that’s destroying their life?

According to corporations all you need is a little willpower (and their trademarked product.) Is it as easy as that?

For those of us trying to kick a secret sin or a destructive habit – pornography, eating-disorders or self-harming are some big-ticket culprits – our own best attempts can barely leave a scratch.

And the last thing our self-esteem needs when we’re already low is another guilt trip.

But hey – you! Yes you. You are not the only one. And you’re not a lost cause.

Getting help from a wise Christian you can trust is essential – someone who will point you to God and help you get to know the only power that can free you from the power of addiction – realising God’s (very, very real) immense (hugely immeasurable!) love for you.

What now?

If today’s reading has touched a nerve, pick up the courage to get some help. And do it quickly. You’re too valuable to God (and to us) to stay stuck in that place. You can also contact: (please insert contact details of a prayer group or counselling group we can get them in touch with.)

SOULFOOD2 Chronicles 8-11 Luke 15:1-10 Psalms 119:89-96 Proverbs 21:20-23

Jolleese Plaire Dzadzovsky

August 20th, 2013

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