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On the Road with Positively Pinoy

On the Road with Positively Pinoy

Fresh and Positive. This is one way of describing Positively Pinoy as it goes into a continuous motion of building one positive pinoy at a time. Last September 14, 2013 at Union Church of Manila’s Worship Festival, worship leaders and musicians from different churches attended a one day workshop to learn more about worship leading and creating new songs. Worship leaders, worship pastors, and music directors such as Hubert Cheock, Joel Barrios, Acel Van Ommen, and Archie Castillo shared their God-given talents and gifts during the breakout sessions.

Towards the end of the workshop, copies of W4U Today devotionals were given out to 200 young people who participated in the said event. There were 14 young leaders who signed up to become part of the movement. Positively Pinoy then went to Word International Ministries-Pasig last September 15, 2013 and gave away almost 400 copies of W4U Today devotionals through the help of Pastor Rainier Camara and  Pastora Vilma Camarillo. On behalf of UCB Media Philippines, Word 4U Today, and the Edge Radio, Mr. Mike Medlin together with Ms. Lyn Sarco-Balasico thanked the church for their warm welcome and appreciation to the +Positively Pinoy team. They also inspired the people to respond to a call to action for Jeziel Camara (Positively Pinoy volunteer) who will be sent to Thailand for a 2 month intensive training at Media Light Asia. Truly, God is a  lamp unto one’s feet and a light for a very wonderful and promising path.

Look for more updates in the near future and if you’d like to have Positively Pinoy visit your church or youth group, contact us here!


Mike Medlin

September 26th, 2013

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