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No Compare, No Compare, No Compare

No Compare, No Compare, No Compare

Remember that kid in your nursery class, you know, the one with cool light-up trainers that made your regular kinda-off-white trainers feel really plain? No? Oh.

Chances are, whatever other-people’s-standards you’re measuring yourself against at the moment really won’t matter to you further down the line. You might want what those around you seem to have, but honestly, you’ll have forgotten about it in ten years’ time.

And, as for now, God gives you exactly what you need. Let’s say that again.

God gives you exactly what you need.

So, the guy next to you has something that looks really flashy right now (especially when they zip open their laptop bags). That’s a part of their plan.

God’s taking care of your plan, and He’s asking you to work with Him to be all that you are made to be. And, believe it or not, He’ll give you the right tools to get there (pretty good like that, God is).

Whatever you don’t have is as much a part of the plan as what you do have. And yes, that can be horribly, horribly disappointing sometimes. Especially when everyone else seems to have everything sorted out. But not getting those grades/that job/the girl/that promotion may have been the first step towards a bigger and better plan.

What Now?

Think about one thing/skill/situation of someone else’s that you can’t help compare with your own. Pray for God’s view of that thing, and ask for His help in seeing it His way. Cross out (with a pen, or, if you’re reading this on a screen, with your fingers…) the first “No Compare” in the title when you’ve prayed it through. Repeat for the other two.

Verse of the Day:

“They…compare themselves with themselves.” 2 Corinthians 10:12 NIV

Joy Ferdiz

June 18th, 2014

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