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Good Friday’ always seems a strange way to refer to Jesus’ death.

The ‘Good’ part is what Jesus dying on a cross achieves – that anybody, absolutely anybody, can stand before Father God, declared righteous with the God-gifted rights of the innocent Son who gave His life for you.

So, to take a closer look at that today, we’re looking at the criminal on the next cross over. What better demonstration of God’s grace to us undeserving creatures than seeing a guy who deserved his (actual) cross being told he’ll be in heaven with Jesus later that day? No action required. Not even a weeping confession. Just: recognition of who Jesus was, and one request: …remember me?’

Here’s why this is important to you: are you that guy on the cross, all hope gone, and somehow deserving what you got?

Turn your head to one side, look at Jesus taking everything you deserve, and offering you paradise.

Or do you know someone that’s ‘too far gone’ to ever be saved? The criminal was, literally, at the end of his life. He’d made some ‘not exactly wise’ decisions (he’d got himself onto a cross), and if he had any relatives that cared about what happened to him, you’d have understood if they’d given up hope… and yet… ‘…remember me?’

It’s not too late. For you, or someone you’re praying for. Keep praying. There’s still time to see Him.

What now?

Take real time out today, to read through gospel story of Jesus’ crucifixion (John 17-19). If you can, be doing it over 3pm. Go somewhere quiet, and allow the scene to unfold in your mind. Write down what you think and feel, then talk to Father God about it.

‘…“Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom”…Jesus said… “Today you will be with Me in Paradise.”’  Luke 23:42-43 NKJV


Joy Ferdiz

April 18th, 2014

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