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‘…Who told you…you were naked?’ Genesis 3:11 NKJ


Just how naked were Adam and Eve the moment they stomached the fruit? A little bit naked? Just enough to know things weren’t quite as they used to be? Embarrassingly naked – like ‘the whole world can see you for who you really are’ naked? Shamefully naked – ‘hiding in the bushes to cover up what’s wrong’ naked?

The nakedness in the story seems to point to something other than ‘in all your bath-time glory’ kind of nakedness.

Adam and Eve are hiding from God.

Deep shame is on display here. When they mutter from the bushes about their state of nudity, God doesn’t blush or look away in awkwardness. He asks them, ‘who told you … you were naked?’ In other words, ‘Who told you there was something wrong with you?’ or ‘Who’s stolen your confidence?’

Get this: God’s saying to you today, ‘Who told you … you don’t have what it takes … that you’re not clever enough … that you’re not attractive enough … or talented enough?’

Like Adam and Eve, we can believe the slithery lies of the bully or the media or whoever.

It doesn’t matter what anybody else says or thinks about you.

God’s approval is what you need.

And God shouts and sings His approval all over you.

What now?

What are the things that make you want to run for the bushes and hide? Ask God to replace the lies you’ve believed with His truth.

Joy Ferdiz

September 24th, 2013

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