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‘I have brought you glory on earth…’ John 17:4 NIV


At the end of His life Jesus was able to look back and know He was successful in bringing glory to the Father – He had finished well.

Do we spend lots of time thinking about what ‘success’ is going to look like in our lives?

To most people, success means certain things – career, relationship, kids, money – all going to plan.

The problem is that life rarely goes according to your plan, and if you happen to pray ‘Your will not mine’, it’s certain to go down a path quite different to the one you expect. To Jesus, success meant the path His Father laid out.

Following His path means living for something far greater than the world’s scoring system – more glory for Him and more joy for you.

Living in tune with your Designer means you’ll be living as you were designed.

Best way!

Author Scot McKnight writes, ‘God’s will … and what you dream about in your deepest dreams line up so well, you can usually chase your dreams and you will more often than not find God’s will.’

Get your heart lined up with God’s (spend more time with Him), forget the world’s expectations on your future, and those deep heart-dreams of yours will likely be from God!

Up for it?

When it’s all over, will you feel like you’ve finished well? To arrive at the end of your life thoroughly used up, totally spent, ready without regret for a life of eternity at Home… how good does that sound?


What now?

Read 2 Corinthians 11:16–33. Was Paul successful in his life? Whatdo you think? Jot down your thoughts and compare them to your own definitions of success.


August 31st, 2013

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