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MY BRO GOD…? (2)

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 ‘I am the Lord your God … who directs you’ Isaiah 48:17 NIV

The Field Marshall laid out each pawn carefully and strategically. Each soldier was briefed through their particular role in the battle.

Finally, the masterstroke: leading each battalion, an unarmed priest would walk into the crossfire and drag a wooden box into place, alone on the ground. The battle would be won.

Doesn’t sound like a winning strategy, does it? This was the Old Testament tactic of war again and again in the Bible.

Priests would go before the armies and lay the Ark of the Covenant at the forefront. The message being sent out: God, the Warrior King and Creator of all things, has got our back.

And if you dare stand against Him, it’s Him you’re taking on, not just us…

The same is true for you today: God is stronger than your most serious trouble.

Trust the presence of God which you carry, and which goes before you to protect you. This is about well-placed confidence in the God who is present all throughout the Bible.

God might not take the whole battle away from you but He promises that when you’re upset, when you’re criticized, running on low battery, or just “getting on by” with life, He will always have your back.

So talk to Him. Ask Him to stand between you and your ‘enemies’.

What now?

Isaiah 41:10 should strengthen you. Read it a few times – see if you can learn it by heart today.

SOULFOOD: 1 Chronicles 3:1 – 4:23 Luke 11:29-44 Psalms 78:65-72 Proverbs 20:11-14

Jolleese Plaire Dzadzovsky

August 6th, 2013

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