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MY BRO GOD…? (1)

MY BRO GOD…? (1)

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 ‘The poles … are not to be removed’ Exodus 25:15 NIV

In our efforts to make God seem accessible, some of us have created our own ‘my Bro God’ theology: God the personal trainer with extra genie powers.

Yes, Jesus has made us friends of God. But our friendship should probably grow out of a bit of reverence.

2 Samuel 6 is an unsettling story for anyone who’s got God pinned down as ‘their friend down the road.’ David was bringing the Ark* back home to Jerusalem. The Ark was a super-sacred symbol of God’s (actual) holy presence, so nobody was supposed to touch it.

As the Ark was paraded, it began to slide off the cart carrying it. A well-meaning bystander went to stop it from falling – great motive.

Except this wasn’t just a church-box, this was God’s presence on earth at the time – the Ark was not to be touched.

The man who reached out to grab it hadn’t understood, and it cost him his life. (Yikes.)

The story reminds us that God isn’t ‘my kabarkada,’ my Bro. His presence is holy. Not in a ‘watch your step, but in a ho ho, you’ll be okay really’ way; this is God.

So where’s His presence now? Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit?’ 1 Corinthians 6:19 (NLT). If we are going to carry His presence, we have to do it His way. So enough of the ‘My Bro the genie God’ theology. Grasp the seriousness of being a friend of God.


Why not ditch the shopping list prayer time today – instead, surrender to the silence, the holiness of God. Does it feel different to pray that way?

*(What’s the Ark?! Exodus 25:10-22, also Exodus 16:33-34 and Numbers 17:10-11.)

SOULFOOD: 1 Chronicles 1-2 Luke 11:14-28 Psalms 78:56-64 Proverbs 20:7-10


Jolleese Plaire Dzadzovsky

August 5th, 2013

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