Featured +OPM

Featured +OPM: MTKross

Featured +OPM: MTKross

Reaching out to Filipino youth through music that speaks about commitment to live for Christ.

Featured +OPM Band

The name MTKross (read as Empty Cross) literally means the cross is empty based on the verse Matthew 28:6. It also means “Message of The Cross” which is the core of our faith. “Kross” is used to add the Pinoy flavor because we celebrate being Filipino.  When not on their nationwide MTKross Worship Tour, you can catch them leading worship at Cathedral of Praise in Manila.  The group’s debut album, “Abutin mo ang Langit”  is now available.  Listen for their new song “Suko” on the Edge Philippines now and check out the live perfomance video below!

Don’t miss MTKross on tour near you.  Check our Event Calender here.

Mike Medlin

September 2nd, 2013

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