Mountains be Gone

Mountains be Gone

This mountain shall be removed and I’ll build my temple in you!

In life, we all face mountains. Maybe a mountain in your marriage…you don’t see how you’ll stay together. A mountain in your finances…doesn’t look like you’ll ever get out of debt. Or ever accomplish your dreams. Maybe it’s a mountain in your health. The experts have said that you’re never going to get well.

If you’re going to have mountain moving faith, you gotta SPEAK to your mountains. (Matthew 21:21-22)

I’ve learned, if you don’t talk to your mountains, your mountains will talk to you. All through the day…those negative thoughts…”You’re never going to get well.” “You’re never going to get out of debt.” “Your business is going to go under.” That’s your mountains talking to you. Either umupo ka lang at hayaan mong maniwala ang sarili mo sa mga kasinungalingan or tumayo ka at sabihing, “Hey, saglit lang. I’m in control here. I’m not going to let my mountain talk to me. Mountain, I’m saying to you ‘Be Removed.’ You will not defeat me.” That situation that you’ve dealt with a long time…the sickness, the depression, the addiction…looks like it’s not going to change. You prayed, you believed, you’ve quoted scripture. That’s all good, but if you’re going to see the mountain move, you’ve got to start talking to it.

Kapag nagbitiw ka ng salita ng pananampalataya, something happens in the unseen realm. Chains are broken. The forces of darkness are defeated. The enemy begins to tremble.

Mike Medlin

April 6th, 2014

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