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 ‘But his sons did not walk in his ways…’ 1 Samuel 8:3 NIV

Cain and Abel are a pretty poor example of how to live in a godly household. Has it ever felt like your older/younger brother/sister was always the favorite? Could never do wrong?

Cain felt like that and he took it badly.

Cain made an offering to God, but Abel outdid him. Rather than talking it over with God, Cain let his anger rule him, and before you know it, he actually did hit “delete” on his brother’s life. (Full story at Genesis 4:1-13).

Is this another “Now play nice, Christians…” lesson?

Not quite.

Yeah, family life will sometimes go your way, sometimes not – think debates over who gets to use the bathroom, who has to wash the dishes; petty little things, over and over, every day.

Sometimes you’ll need to rise above your own reaction when you look at your brother/sister (in the home, or the Church) and all you see is jealousy or hatred.

But here’s the meat of this message:

it’s in the “petty” friction of a closely knit group of people that Godly character is built.

It’s in those uninvited opportunities to sacrifice that Christ appears beside us, and beckons us to pick up our own cross alongside Him.

Cain could have learnt about the importance of “dying to” his selfish feelings and caught a glimpse of that heavenly, new life of sacrifice – and been a better person for it.

But he didn’t.

Instead, he hit “delete.”


Bad attitudes fester. Is there something you need to make right with your family before any more damage is done? This may not mean big, grand gestures – for you, it could be as simple as choosing something your parents do for you (like making coffee), and doing it for them today.

SOULFOOD1 John 3:11 – 5:21 Luke 11:1-13 Psalms 78:40-55 Proverbs 20:4-6

Jolleese Plaire Dzadzovsky

August 3rd, 2013

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