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Jesus told His disciples,

‘The works that I do you will do also.’

Skip forward to the book of Acts and whaddyaknow, they did! They took on His character and became like Him. What happened in between? He mentored them.

If you want to get somewhere in life, ask God for the right mentors. Some mentors you get for a short chunk of your life, others for a lifetime.

Some of them might even be close friends who end up cheekily discipling you on the sly. So how do you recognize a mentor?

They might be someone who sticks by these promises:

1) I’m willing to spend time to build a close relationship with this friend;

2) I’ll keep believing in the potential of this friend, keep getting them excited about the future I see ahead of them;

3) I’m willing to be vulnerable and available to my friend, to share not only my strengths and successes, but also my weaknesses, failures, and generally-negative moments;

4) When it’s right to, I am willing to be honest in confronting my friend;

5) I am committed to standing by them through trials – even trials that they bring on themselves…;

6) I’ll help them set goals for his or her spiritual life, or ministry;

7) I’ll actually practice what I preach. None of this ‘talking the talk without walking the walk’ business.

What now?

Find a mentor. Become a mentor. It’s a sure way to fit all the different pieces of the Christian life together. You can log on to www.positivelypinoy.com, if you wish to have an online mentor.

Verse of the Day:

 ‘…The works that I do [you] will do also…’ John 14:12 NKJV

Joy Ferdiz

February 25th, 2014

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