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‘…Well informed, quick to understand…qualified to serve…’ Daniel 1:4 NIV


We all want to be a good witness. Or at least, we should. You’ll probably have opportunities to share your faith with people at school, university, workplace, or anywhere else you find yourself. And, what better way to shine than by the example you set?

Aiming to be the best for others speaks a thousand words. It shows your faith has meaning and that you’ve got deep roots.

Daniel was the kind of person who had made up his mind not to conform to the pattern of the world around him but was changed by the renewing of his mind to discern God’s will for him (check out Romans 12:2). God favoured him and was working on his behalf. But Daniel played his part too.

In a strange new place, he worked hard to adapt to a new culture. Culture alone wasn’t the enemy; his first battle ground was compromise.

He didn’t use his God-given commission as an excuse to not put any work in. He was polite, determined, and steadfast  in doing right. Daniel knew who he was because he understood who he was.

More tests came along Daniel’s path (including a fiery furnace and some hungry lions), but his faithfulness in the small decisions prepared him for the life-changing stories that we read about today. Hard work is worth it.

What now?

Read Luke 6:27-36. Has there been any unhealthy compromise in your life recently? How can you change this?


Joy Ferdiz

October 11th, 2013

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