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There’s a hilarious bit in Adrian Plass’s book, ‘The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass, aged 37¾ ’, where Adrian opens up his Bible at random in search of some encouragement, and lands on ‘The dogs licked up the blood.’ (1 Kings 21: 19, in case you wondered…) Not exactly the words of promise he’d hoped for!

Do you ever do that? – wait until you’re upstream without a paddle and then go frantically scrambling for random scriptures? Do you ever treat the Bible a bit like a lucky raffle? “Must find a verse – ANY VERSE – to make me feel better!”

Psalm 19:8 tells us that God’s Word ‘makes our hearts glad’, that his commands ‘give us light’ (CEV). But why wait until you’re in the middle of darkness to go drawing on straws for light?

Instead, the Psalms say things like ‘store up the word’ (119:10-11) and Job says ‘I have treasured the words…’ (Job 23: 12). Storing and treasuring take time and dedication, but it’s totally worth it for the sake of not getting into a tight spot when trouble comes.

What now?

Count the Bible verses you know off by heart, not including John 3:16. Have you counted more than three? It’s not a crime to not know the scriptures word-for-word, but there will be times when it helps LOTS to have those promises already stored in your head. Writing them down or saying them out loud might help you to memorize them.

“The Lord’s instruction is right…His commands…give us light” Psalm 19:8 CEV

Joy Ferdiz

April 8th, 2014

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