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Is it possible that a 2014 application of the Good Samaritan might look a bit like this?

A travelling man was attacked by thugs. A priest saw and crossed the road, leaving him for dead. A bunch of other folk saw him and crossed the road. But then this random church-goer came, saw and took pity on the man. He stooped down, tucked a Gospel tract into his pocket and then went to leave.

The dying man was barely conscious but held out a hand for help. The church-goer stopped and was filled with pity. So he carefully took the man through the booklet himself and pointed him towards some helpful resources online.

Finally he invited the dying man to a seeker friendly service the following Sunday at church. Sadly, the man never came as he was otherwise engaged with the stab wounds to his punctured chest.

The modern church places great emphasis on getting people into our church, our meetings and our discipleship courses. We promote prayer and study and fellowship. Not that these are bad things, but what about love? Jesus never said, ‘And they will know you by your extensive knowledge and correct doctrine.’ His emphasis was on demonstrating love. Clearly the dying man needed bandaging and medical help. William Booth is just one of many followers of Jesus who believed in feeding and caring for the person before, around, and alongside giving them the Good News (hint: this means the  ‘Gospel’) – because it is part of the Good News.

What Now?

Be alert this week to ways you can help and care and love others. Trust that doing good for others will lead to opportunities to share the gospel in a meaningful way.

‘Above all, clothe yourselves with love…’ Colossians 3:14 NLT

Joy Ferdiz

July 9th, 2014

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