Life Mountains

Life Mountains

Ang mga bundok ay malalaki. May mga pagkakataon na tila ba hindi na sila maaaring alisin at naroon na sila kahit kalian. You may be facing a situation now that looks like it’ll never change.

You may not see what God’s been doing behind the scenes for some time. That mountain may look just as big and permanent and strong as it was before. Ngunit kung mananatili ka sa pananampalataya at patuloy mong utusan ang bundok na iyong kaharap, calling it gone, calling yourself healthy, calling yourself blessed, calling yourself victorious…isang araw, makikita mo na lang na wala na ang bundok o ang pagsubok na ito (Matthew 17:20-21). God will supernaturally do for you what you could not do for yourself.

This is what happened to my mother. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1981. She spent 21 days in the hospital. She came home and she and my father went to their bedroom and got on their knees. They not only prayed and asked God to heal her, but they SPOKE to the cancer and commanded it to leave. See, may panahon upang manalangin, at mayroon ding panahon upang magsalita. You don’t pray about your mountains; you speak to your mountains. You command them to go. Your mountain is paying attention to what you’re saying. It will respond to your voice.

When you rise up in faith and with your own mouth you say “Sickness, addiction, depression…I’m talkin’ to you. In the name of Jesus, you’ve gotta go.” That’s when the forces of heaven come to attention.

Mike Medlin

April 6th, 2014

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