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Life Is about Choices (1)

Life Is about Choices (1)

When Daniel was taken prisoner to Babylon, he was quickly promoted to leadership in the king’s palace. But as a Jew he refused to ‘defile himself with the royal food and wine’. Could his choice have affected his career, or even cost him his life?


But what we choose to do under pressure results from one of two things:

 1) Clearly established convictions we live by.

2) Fuzzy convictions we’re willing to compromise for personal gain. Hard times don’t make you, they reveal you!

In ‘Leadership Gold’ John Maxwell writes: ‘After visiting twenty cities in seven days, it was good to be coming home! As the small private jet approached the runway, we were celebrating the success of the week. Then, in a moment, everything changed. The plane was hit by crosswinds and dropped straight down to the runway, the wheels hitting out of balance. All conversation stopped and our eyes widened as we realized we were in danger. The pilot, without hesitation, pushed the throttle and launched the ‘plane back into the air…We all realized that could have been it! We sat quietly as the ‘plane circled the airfield and a few minutes later we landed safely.’

As he got off the plane, John asked the captain, ‘When did you make the decision to put the ‘plane back into the air?’ He replied, ‘Fifteen years ago.’ He went on to explain how as a young pilot in training, he decided in advance what decision he would make for every possible air problem. His decision was made long before the crisis. So have a game plan in place before the problem arises.

‘Daniel resolved not to.’  Daniel 1:8 NIV

Bob Gass

January 22nd, 2015

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